You are the Super Class of 2020, and this is just the beginning

Super Class of 2020

Life is not easy being a 16-year-old teenager or even at the age of 12. You have seen it all and been through a series of not so millennial bizarre events like recession, the end of the world in 2012, demonetization, Paul the octopus accurately predicting the results of FIFA World Cup and now the pandemic.

You’re labelled as the typical rebellious teenager if you’re asking the right questions about equal rights, women empowerment, and climate change, and dare you ask if the so called adults are doing anything about it. Truth is you’re the super class of 2020, you make the world a better place with your vote for love, freedom and innovation.

You are fearless and not scared of change because change is the only thing constant.

The super class of 2020 is a generation of multitaskers, you are on the path of being great influencers, starting a revolutionary dialogue and also tutoring your parents on how to go about with zoom calls.

It is difficult being away from friends and the classrooms where you feel safe and can be your quirky self, nor is this what you imagined 2020 to be. You have been on your best behaviour this summer, learning new skills like painting the walls with butterflies, baking some cookies and edible cakes and dancing around every corner of the house. Let’s just say life plans might be a little uncertain and unpredictable right now, but your dreams and bucket list are not on a pause. Once the world heals and life is back to the new normal, we will look out for each other and not take our environment for granted. We will know that standing by our rights as a whole has the power to trash the wrong and open our hearts to the idea of togetherness. So, the super class of 2020 remember that you’re fearless even with a soft heart, it’s this generation that has made everyone more tolerant, empathetic and conscious towards our surroundings. Ask more questions, be curious about the truth, spread more love and never give up on hope.

You are the Super Class of 2020, and this is just the beginning.


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