5 Milton Glaser designs that inspire us

Milton Glaser is an enigma, a pioneer, a graphic designer, an artist. For us though, he is much more than all of the above. For us, he is an idol, a teacher who leads by example and pushes us to do better work.
Since he said goodbye to the mortal world last month at his home in his beloved New York City, we have been reminiscing on the iconic creations that made him immortal in the design world.

1. I LOVE New York

This one needs no introduction. A pop-culture phenomenon, this has broken boundaries and has been imitated by people all over the world. It is also a prime example of how art has the power to change perception. Designed in 1977 to increase tourism in a city on the verge of bankruptcy, this little piece of art was the turning point that made New York one of the most happening cities in the world today. But we don’t love it because of all that jazz. We love it because it inspires us to make things simple yet significant.

2. Don’t Eat Grapes

Art has been the voice of the marginalized, the oppressed and the disgruntled for ages. This poster for International Grape Boycott Day was created by Mr. Glaser in support of farm workers of California who went on a five year strike to protest against their minimal wages and absence of gears while handling carcinogenic chemicals. It was printed on cheap paper and spread like wildfire to help garner support for the grape farmers. Within a year the farmers union was offered new contract with better working conditions.

3. Psychedelic Dylan

This poster is one of the longest published piece of art in rock and roll which is lauded by fans old and young. Appearing first time in 1967 with Dylan’s greatest hits vinyl under Columbia records, it continued to be a part of the vinyl album till 1980!

PS: If you look closely, you can read Elvis spelled into Dylan’s hair.

4. Angels in America

Here’s another example of Mr. Glaser using his art to become the voice of the marginalized. Created for Tony Kushner’s 2-part epic on the AIDS crisis, during which homosexuals were condemned and falsely accused of being the carriers, this poster aptly signified the stigma and shame faced by the innocent. The rainbow coloured wings of the melancholic angel has become an integral part of the pride culture even since.

5. DC Comics Logo

The DC logo has seen many revamps over the years to be in sync with the taste of the times. But this logo, also known as The Bullet, became the longest standing DC logo since its creation in 1976. By incorporating evolving elements of the past and giving them a modern touch, Mr. Glaser created an identity for the brand that became a timeless classic just like their superheroes.

Disclaimer: All images sourced from the internet and used only for inspiration. Copyrights for the images belong to their respective owners.


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