Vantattava's Raw Honey

Vantattva, a brand that brings the true goodness of nature to the people, needed packaging for their new Raw Honey and reached out to us for this project.

We chose elements of nature to signify its natural form and a font that resembles the octagonal structure that is commonly associated with honeycomb. Adding bees into the mix was a no-brainer. It all came together to form a visual identity for this product that can be easily replicated for all its variants and any new ones they plan to launch in the future.

Scope: Brand Communication, Packaging Design, Logo Design, Branding

  • Introduction:

    Vantattva provides the true essence of nature through its organically curated raw honey. The brand comes with a wide range of honey that comes from different varieties of flowers. One such variant is Vantattva's Himalayan wild honey, which comes from the finest flowers of Uttarakhand. Their honey comes packed with nutrients. They have medicinal benefits and should be part of everyone’s diet. To showcase the beautiful wonder of bees as a brand, Venacava and Vantattva came together.

    Brand Identity:

    We wished to represent the brand as reminiscent of our ancient practice of curating the golden liquid, which is honey. Taking a holistic look at the design gives a rich and retro vibe. The intention was to show the brand as an advocate for sustainable and organically made honey.

    Talking about the packaging, we added elements of nature like branches and leaves and illustrated them in a way that fits well with the overall design system.

    We added a hand-drawn font that says “HONEY” and our intention was to make it resemble the edges of the honeycomb octagon. Adding honeybees to the packaging made it complete. We selected the colours keeping the product in mind. Honey from different species of flowers results in different colours. We kept the consistency of the design while making the design suitable for all the variants.

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