Stein is a bar and restaurant that is inspired by the 80s hiphop culture. Thus it needed to have a vintage earthy feel to it. So for the logo we chose vintage architectural elements and gothic fonts as an ode to the past. It reflects the vibe of the bar which is vintage yet with a modern feel for the generation of today. It gives a visual nod to the 90s and takes you back to the days gone by with a niggling feeling of nostalgia.

Scope: Brand identity, Communication, Branding, Strategy, Logo Design

  • A bar that gives out a vintage vibe and has a class to it. The name “stein” means a vintage earthen beer mug. The 1980s hip-hop culture inspires the brand. It is a place where you can enjoy scrumptious food and chilled beer. They have an energetic vibe that is created by modern and classy decor. The lights are moody and create an ambience that whispers “cosy.” The moment you enter the place, it transports you to the magical era of the 1980s and you get to listen to music that is reminiscent of that time period.

    Brand identity:

    We tried to represent a timeless style with modern aesthetics. The logo has a gothic font that gives nostalgia. Minimalistic line drawing keeps it modern and fresh. The dark colour used in the logo gives hints of mystery. We balance dark colours with the use of light colours. The colours give the overall design a rich look.

    We did the brand design, taking inspiration from distinct elements of the era we represented. The hand lettering gives a traditional feel to the overall design. We have sculpted every graphical element with insightful thought.

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