Not Out Beer

Notout, is an extraordinary honey-infused RTD beverage featuring a robust 15% ABV. Crafted for those who appreciate refined libations, this gluten and glycerine-free elixir promises a drinking experience of unparalleled smoothness and crispness. Notout aspires to quietly secure its place as the discerning choice in the extra-strong RTD category, appealing discreetly to both men and women in tier 2 and tier 3 cities.

Scope: Brand Communication, Packaging Design, Logo Design, Branding, Illustration

  • Creating a Brand Identity:

    In the realm of Notout, the name speaks softly but carries a profound resonance. Rooted in cricket lore, it quietly embodies the essence of carefree enjoyment, much like a batsman remaining "not out" in an inning, relishing uninterrupted moments of delight. Venacava Designs, masters of subtle storytelling, delicately aligns this spirit with the beverage, subtly resonating with those who find joy in their own uninterrupted zones, unfazed by the world. The brand aims to quietly celebrate resilience and the unspoken togetherness shared in those moments.

    Design Elements:

    Venacava Designs employs a subtle touch to seamlessly weave design elements into Notout's visual story. The dialogue box subtly suggests the zone of enjoyment, emphasizing discreet open communication and shared experiences. The asterisk, a quietly potent emblem in cricket, silently signifies resilience and the art of defying opposition attempts—echoing the carefree spirits reveling in their zone, unaffected by external forces.

    Bottle Packaging:

    Beyond being a beverage, Notout's bottle packaging is a whisper of artistic expression. Venacava Designs thoughtfully crafts a packaging design that communicates without shouting. The bottle, an understated canvas, captures the quiet essence of being "NOTOUT" through nuanced imagery and carefully chosen typography. The sleek design subtly mirrors the smoothness within, while muted colors and symbols discreetly allude to the potency of the 15% ABV.

    In collaboration with Venacava Designs, Notout emerges as a silent companion, inviting individuals to savor a refined and subtle experience—an artful blend of taste and understated sophistication..

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Brand Identity
Design & Art Direction