Goposhtik is a brand emerging from the legacy of Gopala, which started in 1963 with a singular focus on providing high-quality milk. Over time, Gopala expanded its offerings to include a diverse range of products under one umbrella brand. As consumer needs evolved, there arose a demand for a new brand dedicated to providing unadulterated pulses, oils, grains, flours, and healthier food alternatives. This demand led to the inception of Goposhtik, carrying forward the same values and integrity passed down through generations.

Scope: Brand Communication, Packaging Design, Logo Design, Branding, Illustration

  • Brand Brief:

    Goposhtik embodies the core values inherited from Gopala, which emphasize purity, honesty, and fresh products. The brand’s evolution reflects a commitment to nurturing and caring, akin to a mother’s dedication to her child. Goposhtik's mission is to offer healthy and pure food products that resonate with modern consumers while staying true to timeless Indian traditions.

    Design Elements:

    The graphical representation of Goposhtik encapsulates a mother’s nurturing nature and the essence of pure grains infused with inherited values. This concept is visually interpreted through a monogram logo that harmoniously blends these elements. The logo symbolizes the brand's dedication to providing wholesome, ethically sourced food products rooted in familial and cultural values.


    Goposhtik's typography choice, centered around the "Giulia" font, conveys an innocent and wobbly style that evokes a sense of home and warmth. This typographical approach aligns with the brand's nurturing identity, reinforcing the idea of passing down values through generations, much like the art of preparing traditional meals.


    Goposhtik represents a continuation of Gopala’s journey-a transformation from selling milk to offering a wider range of healthy food alternatives. This evolution underscores the brand's dedication to quality, ethical practices, and the timeless wisdom of Indian culinary traditions. Through its graphical identity, typography, and packaging, Goposhtik communicates a narrative of authenticity and heritage, resonating with consumers who seek wholesome, nourishing food choices rooted in cherished values.

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