Colour is beauty, colour is freedom and colour is acceptance

Hear us now.

Opinions, talks, perspectives, we have so much to say but is anyone hearing us?
‘I can’t breathe’, the words choked over the horrors of culture and power and yet we refuse to hear the truth. The truth is to break the chain of behavior and create a domino effect like no other. Colour is beauty, colour is freedom and colour is acceptance. We are one, we breathe the same air and our hearts beat in the same way, so hear us now.

Give us a place that we can call home. A place where we are accepted for every choice we make, a home where the superiority of colour doesn’t overpower unconditional love and true friendship. Break the silence and be the voice for change. Create a safe space for us who feel different, a space we can call home again. Hear us now.

Follow a path that may seem impossible but will be remembered for your voice. This is the time to defend colour, so be there because beyond fear there is light. Hear us now.  

Vote for art, music and passion. The culture that propagates your voice will lead you to the lives that matter. Across every border there are people who feel different, welcome them home. Every colour matters, we may go by as unseen but make a choice today to see us. Vote for a brave future that matters.

Pop the bubble of illusion and read. Observe but believe in facts that are true. History repeats itself over and over again but this time step in to change history forever.

Let’s create a wave with every action. March in to support freedom, love and colour. Power is when you include the ‘we’ instead of you, I and me. Power is in the hope of a colourful tomorrow.


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