Juice Cosmetics

Juice has been a common name in the beauty segment since its inception and they wanted to step up their branding game with a fresh new look. We created a new identity for them which is based on the different cuts of diamonds. This new identity epitomizes the modern Indian woman, who is multifaceted and shines brightly in myriad hues in every sphere of life.

Scope: Brand identity, Communication, Branding, Strategy, Logo Design

  • Introduction

    “Juice Cosmetics” celebrate the shine of women. It is about different facets of her. A logo that told a story was what the brand needed. The company produces an eco-friendly product line. The brands talk about the different roles which a 21st-century woman plays and is efficient in each of them. She experiments. She takes decisions, gleams, and glistens. Throughout the day, she shows her best. “Juice Cosmetics” complement her perfectly by making her feel her best and look fabulous. The brand shows inclusivity for all women.

    Challenges: The biggest challenge was creating a brand that truly represented the essence of “Juice Cosmetics.” They were already in the market but were yet to position themselves as a brand that celebrates the shine of modern-day women through their product.


    Brand Identity:

    The multi-facet quality of modern women was the inspiration for our logo design journey. We also wanted to give a smooth modern look to the logo. The thought was to represent the timeless shine that is brought by the “Juice Cosmetics” product range. We could not think about anything but the eternal shines a diamond reflects. We consider a diamond a symbol of love as it never loses its shine. So are the women of the 21st century. Diamonds just do not shine but show a lot of colours too, just like her. Such was the journey of the brand identity that we created. The typography is both soft and bold. The typography gives us a hint of the form the applicator takes when we apply nail paint.

    At Venacava, we always believe in going deeper and finding a story that moves hearts. We successfully gave meaning to “Juice Cosmetics" through the brand strategy that we followed. The “Juice Cosmetic” team supported us throughout our design journey.

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